The Devil In The Confessional Box

calvinisti din toata Romania, TREZITI-VA

I have worked very hard.
But now I see the fruits of my hard-working,
They’re even better than I’ve ever dared to dream!
In vain may some try my possessions to redeem
When I’m no longer in the shadow, lurking,
But I have gained people’s approval and esteem.
No sneaking, since a statue of me smirking
Is guarding world’s front yard.
I have worked very hard!

I have been very wise.
People loved freedom, this I knew from Eden.
So they believed me once again I’d set them free
When they unleashed their crying for democracy
And got dictatorship in sweet lies hidden.
The need for New World Order then I made them see,
Where bigotry against me is forbidden.
People delight in lies.
And I’ve been very wise!

I took over their minds.
And made them think t’was always their decision
That made the choice between what’s evil and…

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